Return Information

While all prints come directly from me (and my little home art studio), I use a drop ship company for some of my clothes and accessories. Therefore, if you have an issue with an order or want to start a return, it's best that you reach out to me directly for help! See email above.


Currently I am not taking on any new commissions. It's a ton of work and time and right now, I still have a full-time day-job and taking on commissions takes away from my time to draw things for myself (and right now I need that.) Of course, you are always welcome to reach out and spit your idea at me and see what happens!


A lot of people ask me if I will design their tattoos. I firmly believe that it is extremely important to find a tattoo artist who's style you like and let them design a tattoo for you that will flow with your body. Drawing on paper is not like creating art for the skin and I would hate for my work to not translate well because I do not have those skills (yet). Additionally, this also aligns with my sentiments in the commissions tab above, I hope you understand.

If you are interested in getting something that I have already created tattooed, please reach out to me and ask! I'm nice, I promise.